In the great tradition of a true liberal arts education, the departments, professors, and students in our Faculty have a long history of playing crucial roles in the intellectual and cultural life of our campus. Our faculty members are actively engaged in classroom teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, as well as in conducting nationally and internationally recognized research.

Programs and courses taken through the Faculty of Arts better inform us of our shared cultural inheritance, and also assist in the shaping of an inquiring and critical mind. At their core, the Arts play a central role in helping us to develop individual and societal senses of moral responsibility, the desire to work for the welfare of others, and the recognition of the need to be open to and respectful of different ways of thinking and cultural traditions. The variety of challenges posed by contemporary society requires that all people be better educated on where they come from, and where they hope to be headed. The programs and courses offered by Acadia's Faculty of Arts prepare students to be engaged and responsible citizens of our increasingly complex world.

I encourage you to learn more about us and to spend time exploring our Faculty's departmental and associated websites.

Dr. David Duke
Dean of Arts