About the H.T. Reid Lecture Series

The H.T. Reid Lecture Series was established in 1958 in order to give the opportunity to an “eminent scholar or person of affairs” to publicly address the university community on issues of politics and history.

While the lecture was originally intended to address issues concerning the British Commonwealth, it now also explores contemporary social, economic, and political issues at global, national, regional and local levels. Nova Scotia’s rich and contested history (including Mi’kmaq/Settler relations, the Acadian Expulsion, and the Afro-Nova Scotian experience) offers an important context in which H.T. Reid Lecture awardees are able to explore historical and contemporary political issues.

Harvey T. Reid of Hartland New Brunswick graduated from Acadia in 1912. He went on to be a Rhodes Scholar and, after being wounded in service during WWI, moved to Minnesota where he established a successful law practice and publishing business.

It is a collaboration of the Department of History and Classics and the Department of Politics.