Areas of Studies

Acadia's Faculty of Arts features seven diverse departments, multidisciplinary majors and a variety of multidisciplinary minors - all with great professors who are leaders in their fields. They'll work closely with you to deliver an incredible liberal education experience.

The Faculty of Arts offers a wide selection of undergraduate courses in the humanities, languages, social sciences and the performing arts. It offers honours programmes in most subjects and graduate programmes in English, Politics, Sociology, and Social and Political Thought. The Faculty endeavours to develop its students' ability to think independently, conduct rigorous research, express themselves clearly and appreciate differences of opinions. Students normally complete a core of arts and science subjects during their first year and then select major and minor areas of concentration, or a double major complemented by elective courses.

For more information, please browse the links to the academic departments and multidisciplinary programmes or go directly to the Undergraduate Calendar.

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