Comparative Religion

A minor in Comparative Religion Studies requires 9h of CREL courses. With the exception of CREL courses, no more than 12h may be in a single discipline. Some upper-level courses have pre-requisites. All courses offered towards this minor must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Please view the Registrar's Office website for course availability.


Course #

Course Title


CLAS 2223

Classical Mythology


CLAS 2273

Gods in Classical Myth


CREL 1206

World Religions


CREL 2213

Intro to Bible Studies I


CREL 2223

Intro to Bible Studies II


CREL 2413

Ecology and Religion


CREL 2443

Health, Illness and Religion


CREL 2533

'Cults': New Religious Movements


CREL 2553

Goddesses and Women of Power


CREL 3123

Writing Life: Worldviews and Experience

One year university

CREL 3693

Special Topics in Ritual Studies

One year university

CREL 4206

Readings in World Religions (or 4213/23)


HIST 2033

Ancient & Islamic Civilization in Middle East


HIST 2043

Emergence of the Modern Middle East


HIST 2073

The Arab-Israeli Conflict


HIST 2243

Tradition & Modernity in Southeast Asia 1


HIST 2533

Introduction to Europe:  The Middle Ages, c. 400-1500


HIST 3243

Reformation Europe


HIST 3453

Islam & Nationalism in the Modern Middle East

12h Hist

HIST 3683

History of Religion in Canada

12h Hist

HIST 3713

Medieval Europe through Material Culture


SOCI 2333

Sociology of Religion


SOCI 2853

Belief Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective


PHIL 2403

Philosophy of Religion


IDST 1113

Peoples and Cultures of Asia 1


IDST 1123

Peoples and Cultures of Asia 2


IDST 2823

Civilization in South Asia 2


IDST 2823

Civilization in South Asia 2


HEBR 7006

Elementary Biblical Hebrew


BIBL 5013

Old Testament Introduction I


BIBL 5023

Old Testament Introduction II

Bibl 5013

BIBL 6013

Introduction to the Four Gospels


BIBL 6023

Introduction to the Apostolic Age


BIBL 7043

The Life of Jesus


CHUR 5013

Church History Survey Since the Reformation


CHUR 7053

Religious Traditions in Canada


THEO 6203

Systematic Theology I


THEO 6213

Systematic Theology II


WGST 2913

Global Women's Movement



Inquiries regarding the Comparative Religion minor may be directed to Donna Seamone


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