Centre for Interdisciplinary and Language Programs (CILPA)

Welcome to the new Centre for Interdisciplinary and Language Programs in Arts (CILPA).

We are very excited to launch this Centre which will provide a “space,” physical (BAC 119), administrative, virtual, and ideological, from which to support our interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and language and literatures programs in Arts and from which to initiate new courses and programs.  The new Acadia 2025 Strategic Plan takes revitalizing the academic core as a foundational goal with increasing interdisciplinary programs as a key part of that.  Interdisciplinarity is quite often the hallmark of our approach in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  At Acadia, we offer interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degrees in Canadian Studies, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as the Master of Arts in Social and Political Thought and many multidisciplinary minors.  Additionally, French Studies, German Studies, and Spanish Studies, all inherently interdisciplinary programs, will find renewed visibility, autonomy, and vitality housed in this new Centre.

Interdisciplinary Majors:

  • Canadian Studies
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Social and Political Thought (MA)
  • Women’s and Gender Studies

Language Studies Majors:

  • French Studies
  • German Studies
  • Spanish Studies (temporarily suspended)

Multidisciplinary Minors (in addition to minors in the majors topics above):

  • American Studies
  • Atlantic Canadian Studies
  • Comparative Religion
  • Cultural Studies
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Ethnocultural Diversity
  • International Development Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Material and Visual Culture
  • World Literatures

For more information, please get in touch!


Kate Ashley

Assistant Dean of Arts (Interdisciplinary and Language Programs)

PHONE: 902 585 1487