H.T. Reid Lecture Speakers

2019 Dr. Shiri Pasternak, Department of Criminology, Research Director for the Yellowhead Institute, Ryerson University
2016 Dr. Ron Deibert, Director, The Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
2015 The Right Honourable Bob Rae, Member of Parliament, Canada and 21st Premier of Ontario
2009 Anna-Maria Tremonti, Foreign Correspondent and Host of CBC’s The Current
2008 Naomi Klein, Activist, Author and Film Maker
1998 The Right Honourable Stephane Dion, Member of Parliament, Canada
1988 Dr. Moshe Maoz, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1988 Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, Northwestern University Chicago
1986 Mr. Thabo Mbeki, African National Congress, Lusaka
1985 Dr. Eduardo Rabossi, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires and Deputy Minister of the Interior and Head of the newly created Secretariat of Human Rights in Argentina
1983 Dr. Salim A. Hoss, Immediate Past Prime Minster of Lebanon
1981 Dr. B.G. Ramcharam, Special Assistant to the Director, Division of Human Rights, United Nations
1978 Dr. Conor Cruise O’Brien, Editor, The Observer, London. Former Minister of Posts and Telegraphs, Dublin, Ireland
1977 Dr. William Hardy McNeil, Robert A. Milliken Distinguished Service Professor, Department of History, University of Chicago
1975 The Right Honorable Eric Williams, Prime Minister of Trinidad And Tobago
1973 Professor Dennis Austin, Professor of Government, University of Manchester
1970 Dr. Hugh R. Trevor-Roper, Professor of History, Oxford University
1969 Dr. Gerald Graham Rhodes Professor of Imperial History, University of London
1967 Mr. Justice W.O. Douglas, Supreme Court of the United States
1965 Lord Caradon of St. Cleer, the British, Representative to the United Nations
1963 Professor Kenneth Robinson, University of London
1960 Professor Nicholas Mansergh, Smuts Professor of the History of the British Commonwealth and Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge