Legal Studies Faculty

Acadia faculty members contribute to the Legal Studies Minor through their teaching and research, which are united in their focus on law and society. Faculty who frequently teach courses that count towards the Legal Studies Minor are listed below.

Cynthia Alexander
Professor, Department of Politics
Areas of Specialization: Identity Politics in Canada, Indigenous Law and Governance, Comparative Public Policy and Administration

Alice Cohen
Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Science
Areas of Specialization: Environmental Geography, Environmental Policy and Politics, Legal Issues in Environmental Science

Erin Crandall
Associate Professor, Department of Politics & Legal Studies Coordinator
Areas of Specialization: Canadian Courts and Politics, Constitutional Law, Election Law

Kelly Dye
Professor, Manning School of Business Administration
Areas of Specialization: Gender and Diversity, Employment Law, Financial Inclusion, Human Rights Law

Heather A. Dahringer
Professor, Department of Sociology
Areas of Specialization: Addiction Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Rape and Sexual Assault in Canada

Stephen Henderson
Professor, Department of History and Classics
Areas of Specialization: Canadian History, History of Law and Punishment in Canada

Marc Ramsay
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: Ethics and Philosophy of Law, Constitutional Rights and Judicial Review, Children's Rights, Philosophical Issues in Private Law, Theories of Equality

Jeffrey Sachs
Lecturer, Department of Politics & Department of History and Classics
Areas of Specialization: Islam and Politics, Judicial Politics, International Law

James Sedgwick
Associate Professor, Department of History and Classics
Areas of Specialization: Genocide and Justice, Modern East Asia History, History of Medicine